URAL Industrial Park areas


 Territory designationTerritory areaShare of total area
The total area of the projected URAL Industrial Park's territory346,131059 ha100 %
Areas for building industrial and warehouse objects202,433054 ha58,5 %
 The industrial and logistic complex’s area
29,452141 ha8,5%
2Areas of engineering infrastructure objects3,071105 ha0,9 %
3Areas of transport infrastructure44,188343 ha12,7 %
4The public and business complex zone13,410048 ha3,9 %
5Not used territory (from the total area of the projected site)83,028509 ha24 %


Infrastructure security

Electric power supply
Gas supply
Water supply and water disposal
Fiber-optical communication lines

The road network with parking spaces for public and individual transport
Parking spaces for commercial and cargo transport
Management of technical operation of buildings and constructions
Service of networks of heating, energy, gas and water supply
Territory protection