About industrial parks in Russia


Industrial parks in Russia


The official definition of industrial park by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation:


"An industrial park is a complex of real estate objects (a land site(s), administrative and production premises, warehouses, providing activity of an industrial park) controlled by a common park operator (management company), with area not less than 20 000 sq.m., and infrastructures which allow to place small-scale and medium-scale productions compactly and provide conditions for effective work (further – industrial park).

Main services of an industrial park: provision of land plots for leasing, provision of premises and objects of infrastructure, provision of engineering, transport, logistic, telecommunication infrastructure, rendering services, including provision of energy resources, water supply, water disposal"


"Industrial parks in Russia". The industry review by Ernst & Young


An industrial park is a large land massif legally and technically organized as a special object of profitable real estate with land plots prepared in terms of engineering and intended for production areas placement. Industrial parks are characterized by rather small amount of office buildings and warehouses.

Standard solutions in accordance with requirements and purposes of companies when searching for land plots and premises for placement of productions:


Large-scale productionMedium-scale production
Small-scale production


Purchase/leasing of undeveloped land for the purpose of enterprise construction according to needs of a company


Long-term lease/purchase of production premises/building or long-term lease/purchase of a land plot


Mainly leasing/purchase of production premises (e.g., at existing plants)


Three categories of industrial parks according to the degree of readiness:


1. Planned industrial parks. At this stage a project has to be at least stated in the program of development of a region and in open sources. Besides territory for location of an industrial park has to be defined.


2. Industrial parks at a creation stage. This is the following stage of project development when all preparatory work starts – design, laying of engineering networks and internal roads.


3. Completed / operating parks. It is a final stage when a park is completely ready for placing residents.


From the interview with the President of the Ural financial holding Oleg Gusev for the Ekspert-Ural magazine (June 8, 2013, No. 27 (563):


In Sverdlovsk region ten projects of industrial parks are stated.
The author of one of them, the president of the Ural financial holding Oleg Gusev, offers to construct URALS industrial park in the territory of the Beloyarsk area:
"Businessmen, who think big and want to start new modern productions, need the prepared and correctly planned territories with good road, energy and engineering infrastructure. And for this reason it’s initially very important to make right choice of territory. The site we’ve chosen is 300 hectares in total area and it’s located very conveniently: 22 kilometers from the Yekaterinburg’s downtown.


The second circumstance which needs to be considered when planning an industrial park is presence of transport highways. From this point of view our site is also perfect: 8 kilometers from Koltsovo airport and near the federal highway.


In any industrial park there will be premises for warehouses which are necessary to the residents. In our case it’s possible to use them as a convenient center of logistic infrastructure for transportation of goods to northern territories - Yugra, Yamal, Tyumen region. As the site is near the Tyumen road, it will be simple to organize such center.


The next factor is initially good conditions for creation of engineering and energetic infrastructure: there is an opportunity to carry out water and gas supply, to provide sufficient electricity for the first stage of electric power. It’s important that there are no first category woods in the chosen territory.


In my opinion the development program of an industrial park should follow two directions: the first is infrastructure creation, the second is selection of residents. I am sure that if the territory is designed correctly and a system of the manpower organization is thought-out, there will be no problems with residents. Another matter is that we need to think what investors we want to see here. I consider in the agrarian Beloyarsk area there are businessmen who will be able to create modern enterprise processing agricultural production. Certainly, we are interested in emergence of hi-tech companies, they must be in the park. We already held negotiations with the Swiss company which produce robots and they are ready to consider projects of joint ventures in Urals.


According to our calculations, it’s necessary to spend 290 thousand rubles to create one workplace in our park, and there will be from 5 to 6 thousand workplaces. The average annual turnover of companies which will be created here will be not less than 45 - 50 billion rubles, by 2020 they will deduct more than 3 billion rubles a year into budgets of all levels. In order to make all this, the region should invest about 2 billion rubles at the initial stage. It’s a worldwide model, business will invest 15 times more. We considered that a site of 30 hectares means at least 100 million dollars of private investments. Therefore a model of private and state partnership should be used here.