from Ekaterinburg Automobile Ring Road (EKAD)
from Koltsovo International Airport
from Bobrovka train station
from cargo Kosulino train station



The project card
- the territory contour line of URAL Industrial Park
- the territory contour line of the city of Yekaterinburg
- the bypass road, the Ekaterinburg Automobile Ring Road (EKAD) with the marked road exits to the main transport highways
- the main transport highways with the following indicated driving directions: Yekaterinburg–Perm, Yekaterinburg–Serov, Yekaterinburg–Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg–Tyumen
- Koltsovo International Airport with the marked road access to Yekaterinburg and the road exit to EKAD
- Bobrovka settlement
- Kosulino train station
- the prospective 2nd EKAD

The building land for URAL Industrial Park is located directly on the Yekaterinburg–Tyumen R351(E22) federal motorway, 22 km from Yekaterinburg’s downtown and 500 m from the municipality border “the city of Yekaterinburg”.
The territory belongs to Bobrovka settlement of the Beloyarsk city district (The Beloyarsk area) Sverdlovsk region.

URAL Industrial Park is located:
11 km from Ekaterinburg Automobile Ring Road (EKAD),
8 km from Koltsovo International Airport,
1 km from Bobrovka train station,
5 km from cargo Kosulino train station,
In close proximity to the road crossing (the prospective 2nd EKAD ring and the Yekaterinburg–Tyumen motorway)