The territory of URAL Industrial Park belongs to Bobrovka settlement, the Beloyarsk city district (The Beloyarsk area), Sverdlovsk region. It’s located on the Yekaterinburg–Tyumen R351(E22) federal motorway, 22 km from Yekaterinburg’s downtown and 500 m from the municipality border “the city of Ekaterinburg”.

URAL Industrial Park is an industrial park of Greenfield type:
- it’s built on undeveloped land (the area is more than 300 ha),
- it isn't connected to any operating business or to operating establishments of industrial or logistic infrastructure,
- the territory is legally and technically organized as a real estate object divided into land plots prepared in terms of engineering for placement of enterprises and warehouses.

URAL Industrial Park is a planned industrial park (in conformity with a classification of industrial parks according to the degree of readiness. The classification was offered by the Ernst & Young company).

It’s possible in URAL Industrial Park:
- placement of productions, warehouses and offices by residents,
- provision of building land to residents for construction of production premises and warehouses,
- organization of services for residents,
- investing in real estate objects and infrastructures.

Construction of URAL Industrial Park is provided by the General layout of the Beloyarsk city district concerning Bobrovka settlement.
The land plots, where construction of URAL Industrial Park is planned, are in property of project initiators.
The project initiator is The Ural Financial Holding OJSC.